Clinton Humane Society History

We have one mission – to support and care for homeless and suffering animals.

The Clinton Humane Society is a Non-Profit animal shelter that is supported by donations from the community, fundraising, grants, and membership dues. We have one mission – to support and care for homeless and suffering animals. The shelter believes in advancing humane education, preventing animal cruelty and giving a voice to animals who cannot speak out and ask for help themselves.

The Clinton Humane Society was founded in 1941 when a group of citizens gathered around a dog that had been hit by a car. One of them was able to convince the police officer at the scene to allow him to take the dog to a vet to be treated, as opposed to the officer shooting the injured dog. After some recovery time, the dog healed and was adopted by a loving family. With this, the Clinton Humane Society was born.

Over time, the Clinton Humane Society as grown from a group of citizens, to a private non-profit organization supported partially by tax-deductible donations. We also rely on various grants, memberships, boarding contracts with the cities we work with, and our fund raising events. With these funds we are able to provide and protect abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals. We also promote animal welfare through various services that mutually benefit both animals and owners. As we have grown, so has our need for volunteers. With our volunteers, our animals become better socialized, which leads to increased adoptions. We also need volunteers to help with our fundraising efforts, and to be a positive advocate for the Clinton Humane Society.

Donate Today!

We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to help keep our shelter open to the animals needing our help. Please donate to Clinton Humane Society today using our trusted and secure donation gateway.

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