Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the questions we are asked the most. If you can’t find answers below please contact us by phone at (563) 242-2457. We will be happy to help you with any inquiries you might have.

What types of animals do you take in?
Clinton Humane Society takes in cats and dogs as well as other small animals, such as rabbits. We can provide referrals to rescue organizations that specialize in other species.

Why do you charge a fee for surrendered pets?
Because the Clinton Humane Society is a non-profit organization, we rely on support from people like you. The fee due when an animal is surrendered helps to provide food, shelter, and care the surrendered animal.

Are any animals considered unadoptable pets?
There are some circumstances where animals cannot be placed up for adoption. When animals show signs of aggression or severe behavior problems during administration of a nationally recognized temperament test then they are considered unfit for adoption. Please be aware that an animal that is friendly in your home may react differently towards strangers in the stressful shelter environment. When an animal specialist, after examination, determines the animal is too ill they are considered unfit for adoption.

Do you euthanize pets?
Clinton Humane Society euthanizes pets who are too dangerous or ill to be re-homed. We do our very best to save every healthy, behaviorally sound pet we accept, and we make every effort not euthanize because of overcrowding.

What happens to stray animals surrendered to your shelter?
As all other Clinton County animal shelters, Clinton Humane Society is mandated by law to hold all stray dogs for three days. Stray cats with identifiable signs of ownership, such as a microchip or collar or those who are declawed, are held for three days as well. This gives owners the opportunity to reclaim their pets. After that time frame, our trained staff perform health and behavior evaluations to determine if the stray pet can be placed up for adoption.

If you have lost a pet, please check our Lost & Found page.

How do I report animal abuse?
We applaud you for reporting any possible animal cruelty cases. Clinton Humane Society does not have the legal jurisdiction to handle animal cruelty/neglect investigations or ordinance enforcement. Please contact the city government’s Animal Services at (563) 243-1458 to report animal cruelty or neglect within Clinton County, as they are mandated by law to handle such cases.
Who should I call if I find a stray animal?

In Clinton County, please call (563) 243-1458. They are responsible for stray pick-ups and animal neglect investigations in the Clinton County area.

Donate Today!

We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to help keep our shelter open to the animals needing our help. Please donate to Clinton Humane Society today using our trusted and secure donation gateway.

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